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midi adapter: male 3.5mm trs to female 5 pin din

price : $4.95

MIDI Adapter: Male 3.5mm TRS to Female 5 Pin DIN

this midi adapter enables you to connect midi devices that use standard midi cables to the stereo minijacks used by 1010music products. the adapter has a male stereo minijack at one end, and a female 5 pin din midi connector on the other, and is 22 cm/8.5" long. it is also useful as a converter for connecting to other midi devices that use a different mapping of midi signals to the stereo minijacks.

the midi device industry has not standardized on a common method for mapping midi signals to stereo minijacks. in the absence of a standard, 1010music has chosen to use a mapping that is commonly available. the diagram to the right shows the numbering of the pins on a midi connector and the labels of the connection components of a stereo minijack. the mx4 and other 1010music products are compatible with cables that use the following mapping of midi signals between female midi connectors and stereo minijacks:

midi signal midi connector stereo minijack
current source pin 4 tip
current sink pin 5 ring
shield pin 2 sleeve

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