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synthbox: polyphonic synthesizer module

price : $599.00

Synthbox: Polyphonic Synthesizer Module

synthbox is a 4 note polyphonic synthesizer for your eurorack system. connect your favorite midi controller to synthbox and start jamming with built in presets. use the touchscreen to choose and shape the waveforms and to apply the built in sound effects. modulate the waves and the effects using a combination of on screen controls of envelopes, low frequency oscillators, and sequencers together with hard wired cv inputs to tweak the sound to meet your creative vision.

midi controllable with support for velocity, pitch bend, and modulation wheel
cv controllable with pitch, gate, and 3 assignable modulators per voice
24 bit dacs and internal processing
8 wavetable oscillators
4 waveform oscillators
2 filters, 2 envelopes, 2 lfos, and a step sequencer per voice
global flanger, distortion, and stereo delay effects
semi-modular control
stereo or individual voice outputs
comes with 50 presets and 100 wavetables
supports user wavetables from wav file

series 1 module firmware switching:
because synthbox is a series 1 module, you can swap out the synthbox firmware for other series 1 module firmware quickly and easily. this means you can switch to bitbox or fxbox firmware simply by signing up at, downloading the new firmware and following the instructions on the forum. you can also download the latest synthbox firmware to get new features and updates. it's like getting three modules in 1 with available upgrades!

26 hp
+12v: 350ma
-12v: 0ma
5v: 0ma

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