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grain: silver front panel

price : $149.00

grain: black front panel

price : $149.00


2hp grain is a high fidelity audio processor focused on granular synthesis. it's capable of generating granular clouds, microsound phrases, and unique textures that are derived from any input signal. the density control sets the rate of granularization applied to the input signal and sets its position within the buffer. the mix control sets the balance between live input and the granular audio stream for dialing in the perfect combination of sounds. in addition, there is a frequency control and associated v/oct input allowing for pitch accurate sequencing of grains. particle patching has never been smaller with grain.

granular audio processor
density control
wet/dry control
pitch shift
cv over all parameters

width: 2hp
depth: 42mm (skiff friendly)
power: +12v: 78ma, -12v: 9ma, +5v: 0ma

download the users manual here.

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