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bend matrix (standard version)

price : $899.00

bend matrix
(modified version with photocells and trigger inputs)

price : $1,099.00

what is the bend matrix?
the bend matrix is a midi sequencer for circuit bent projects
...a dynamic tool to store and recall your analog synth patches
...a microcontroller brain that leeches onto a host circuit
...a signal router/mixer that can be played like an instrument and patched to your other midi gear octophonic surround-sound system controller for routing and spinning 4 inputs to 8 outputs
...a circuit bending controller for live performance, e.g. turn a thrift-store kids keyboard into an arpeggiating, sequenced, midi-controlled player piano (forget squinting over a pcb with an alligator clip in the dark trying to find your glitch point!) automatic patch-bay and sequencer with real-time analog controls: strobe, arp, gloob, random.
...a meta-instrument: play the playing of other sound-makers, routing them into each other, multiple outputs/effects, programming and saving patches

what does the bend matrix do?
connect/disconnect glitch points within an external circuit-bent device (two separate 4x4 matrices or one single 4x8 matrix)
connect/disconnect/route audio inputs into multiple outputs (4 inputs=>8 outputs or 8=>4)
act as a patch matrix for modular synthesizers, or other cv/signal routing
store up to 128 "patches" in memory (memory is held even when power is disconnected)
sequence the 128 stored patches at specified bpm (2 - 2000 bpm)
generate random patches
apply effects to the current patch (or sequence of patches) using analog controls: randomization, arpeggiation, strobing, gloobing.
inputs midi note/cc commands, so you can program your patches and sequences using standard midi gear
outputs midi note/cc commands, so you can use the bend matrix to sync up to other midi gear (video effects, etc...)

how might i use it?
a. circuit bending
add midi in/out to your circuit bent projects
program/save/recall patches of bend points
sequence trigger points to essentially convert any sound generating device into a player piano
real-time analog controls (joystick, knobs, photocells) provide special effects/glitching/strobing/arpeggiation and randomization

b. effect switching/re-ordering
change effect ordering and routings on the fly: store up to 8 patches per bank, with 16 banks
series, parallel, and series-parallel configurations possible
sequence your effect changes, so you can simply hit "next" after each song and the next effect ordering
up to 4 effects in any order and combination of in/out of the loop
dynamic re-routing
external stomp switches and rack-mounting optionally available.

c. modular synthesizers
patch synth modules together using a central button matrix to control routings
save/recall patches, (8 per bank, 16 total banks = 128 patches)
sequence patches within banks, sequence playback of multiple banks
split matrix functionality allows one half to control patches (e.g. lfo->vcf, adsr->vca, etc) while the other half can send midi note commands or make

d. art installations
flexible configuration allows a variety of sound sources and amplifiers to be dynamically routed (16 total bi-directional ports: e.g 4 inputs => 8 outputs, or two separate 4 in => 4 out...)
route trigger/sensor/microphone signals to various processing devices
outputs can trigger lights, sounds, motion, anything that runs on electrical power (use your imagination!)
customizable matrix size and configurations available

additional notes:
the photocell modification adds four light-sensitive photocells, each with an enable switch. the photocell overrides use of the knob for real-time effects.
the trigger input jacks include step ahead, step back and play/pause. this versatile input accepts cv, audio or any line signal.

9vdc powersupply included (120/240v).
2mm aluminum panel 12" x 10" on aluminum box (2" tall).

click here for the users manual

video samples:

please click here to visit the manufacturer's webpage for more info.

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