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power modular row: double

price : $589.00

each modular row is a stand-alone unit that can connect with other modular rows to form a small or large case system. rows connect directly to each other with built-in latches (no tools required!) angled connectors allow for 30 and 45 degree angles. legs screw onto any row to provide support and ergonomic angles. powered double modular rows (6u) include a row power 40 module, two pairs of flying bus cables, and a power brick or power daisy-chain cable. two barrel jacks on row power modules allow for daisy-chaining rows from a single power brick.

overall dimensions: 22.5" x 10.2" x 2.5" (57.1x25.9x6.35cm)
module capacity: 208hp
maximum module depth: 2" (51mm)
weight: 8 pounds, 3oz (3.7kg)

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