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quad pingable lfo

price : $295.00

four independent lfos:
ping input jack
tap tempo button
on/mute button (latching)
skew cv jack and knob
reset jack
lfo output
led indicates output level

timing of each lfo is set by a clock (ping), either external or internal (tap tempo)
ping button flashes to the incoming ping signal or internal tap clock
mute/on button mutes the output, lights up when "on"

skew cv gives continuous transition from ramp-up, to triangle, to ramp-down without changing overall length of curve knob provides offset for signal on the jack, or manual control if nothing is plugged into the jack
minimum setting gives "plucky" curve (psuedo-expo fall)
full range is 10v, so one lfo channel can be used to modulate another channel's skew

outputs can be polar or bi-polar: jumper selects 0 to +10v (e.g. for driving a vca), or -5v to +5v (e.g. for modulating parameters)

reset jack re-starts lfo immediately ?reset changes the starting point of the lfo with respect to ping clock
allows for easy quadrature outputs
pressing the on/mute button can optionally send a reset pulse (jumper must be installed)

comparators on ping and reset jacks allow for any waveshape to be used for inputs
with an optional ribbon cable, ping jacks can be normalized to qcd clock outputs
12hp, 1.5 deep

click here for the users manual.

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