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vca matrix

price : $375.00

VCA Matrix

the newest eurorack module from 4ms, the vca matrix, is a playable 4x4 matrix of 16 vcas.

four cv or audio inputs can be routed in any amount/combination to four outputs, using the 16 cv control jacks, level knobs, and mute buttons.

4 cv/audio inputs and 4 outputs (buffered and dc-coupled)

16 vca's using high quality ssm chips (from unity gain to -100db mute)

playable surface with 16 latching mute led buttons, to mute each vca individually (mute button disconnects control jack and level knob, and silences the vca)

led button brightness indicates sum of control jack, level knob, and mute button

16 control jacks for vca level control

16 level knobs attenuate the incoming control signals. the control jacks are normalled to +5v, so if no control is plugged in, the knobs act as manual level controls

matrix expandability: vca matrices can be connected to form a larger matrix using headers on the back (4x8, 8x8, 12x4, etc)

control expandability: 16-pin header on back side of pcb allows an external device to control all vcas: e.g. patch recall, patch sequencing, preset patterns such as quadrature panning, etc.

suitable as a 4x4 mixer, splitter, as well as dynamic signal router/processor

module size: the vca matrix is 28hp, and approximately 1.5" deep (38mm).

power consumption: a jumper selects using +5v from the power supply, or generating +5v on-board from the +12v rail.

-12v rail: 100ma max
+12v rail: 75ma max with jumper selecting external 5v ; 110ma max with jumper selecting internal 5v.
+5v rail: 40ma max with jumper selecting external 5v , not used (0ma) with jumper selecting internal 5v.

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