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virus ti desktop

price : $2165.00

total integration uses innovative technology to greatly expand the virus synthesizer, resulting in an advanced stage/standalone instrument, while simultaneously extending the product capabilities with a suite of compelling studio integration features.

new synth features include greatly increased polyphony, 2 new oscillator types, a per-patch programmable arpeggiator, 162 delay/reverb fx, embedded singles in multi mode, and much more. the new ti products link to your computer with viruscontrolt, a companion software product which ports the hardware synth into a host sequencer for use as a sample-accurate vst/au instrument, simultaneously offering 2-way audio and midi connectivity, control surface functionality, editor and librarian functions, and more.

dual dsp system with over 80 stereo voices under average load. (load depends on which oscillator / filter model has been chosen) viruscontrolt vst and apple audio unit plug-for mac os x and windows xp. the remote seamlessly integrates the virus ti into your sequencer, making it feel just like a plug-in.

the virus ti's audio and midi inputs and outputs can be used by the sequencer application as an audio and midi interface. the virus ti is the first hardware synthesizer with sample-accurate timingand delay-compensated connection to your sequencer.

wavetable oscillators for a completely new array of sounds. wavetable and conventional virus oscillators and filters can be mixed hypersawt oscillators with up to 9 sawtooths - each with parallel sub oscillator per voice.

independent delay and reverb for all 16 multi mode slots 129 parallel effects. there is reverb and delay, chorus, phaser, ring modulator, distortion, 3 band eq and the analog boost bass enhancer 2 multi-mode filters (hp, lp, bp, bs) and the analog filter (modelled after the minimoogt cascade filter with 6-24 db slope and self-oscillation)

dedicated remote mode turns the virus ti into an universal remote control for vst / au plug-ins and external synthesizers.

6 balanced outputs with +4 db level and switchable soft limiting algorithm. studio grade 192 khz d/a converters with s/pdif digital i/o.

2x24 bit inputs. surround sound capabilities

tap tempo button. the algorithm is based on access' sync xtreme technology programmable arpeggiator pattern for every patch

knob quantise for creating stepped controller movements. the stepping automatically syncs to the virus clock or an incoming midi clock 3 lfos with 68 waveforms to choose from. 2 super fast adstr envelopes extended memory: 512 ram patches and 2048 rom patches (rewritable) adaptive control smoothing for jitter-free modulations on all important parameters.

new multi mode with embedded patches

compatible with usb 2.0 specifications, usb and high-speed usb devices connectors on rear panel can be rotated for easy and convenient rack-mounting. the rack-mounting kit is included with the virus ti desktop mahogany-style wooden side panels

please click here to visit the manufacturer's webpage for more info.

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