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addac102 vc fm radio: version 2

price : $399.00

ADDAC102 VC FM Radio: Version 2

this is version 2 of this module, updated in order to be skiff friendly!

with the addac102 fm radio you'll be able to tune-in fm radio. besides the ability of station broadcasts as sound generators for your synthesis, you can also have a lot of fun with the fact that its a great noise generator. static picks up all kinds of great electromagnetic interference!

it provides controls like tune, volume and seek (all of them controllable through cv input) and there's two outputs for stereo sound.

seek up/down
search up/down
stereo output with dedicated led

format: eurorack
width: 8 hp
depth: 5 cm

control voltage i/o:
cv inputs: ±10v
gate in threshold: 2.5v

compatible with +-12v and +-15v power supplies
max current: 100ma
bus board cable: 8 × 2 idc (doepfer style) connector

download the users guide here.

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