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addac system
addac209 vc time compensated glide

price : $249.00

this is our take on a glide/slew circuit, it introduces a time compensation for the glide/slew rate so that any interval have the same glide time. normal glides have a fixed speed, they take x time to go up a semitone and x*12 to go up an octave, we thought of adding a compensation circuit to detect and dynamically change the speed according to the distance needed to be made, so that in the end it'll take the same time to reach the final destination no matter if the interval is 1 semitone or 3 octaves. this compensation feature (dry/wet) can controlled by the front panel knob or by cv.

completely analog circuitry.

vc glide time
vc compensation (dry/wet)
on/off true bypass switch

format: eurorack
width: 4 hp
depth: 5.5 cm

max current: 60ma.
bus board cable: 8 2 idc (doepfer style) connector.

black screws
black fibre washers

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