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addac system
addac301 floor control

price : $90.00

ADDAC301 Floor Control

while we were working on our new vc stompboxes we tested several expression pedals and it became clear to us that most often, while playing a modular system, our hands are busy, cables around our neck, some between our teeth and still our feet are normally free. it's also kinda normal to have an expression pedal lying around somewhere so we thought of bringing these back, clean up the dust and put them to good use.

this module allows the connection of any standard expression and sustain pedal.

the expression pedal action can be fine tuned with range and offset knobs.
range defines the voltage range (-10v, +10v).
offset transposes the range by (-5v, +5v).
two leds, plus and minus, monitor the cv output
positive and inverted output jacks.

the sustain pedal action will generate a gate signal on the gate output. one led monitors this output.

also features a bus board +5v adaptor, this will be able to provide +5v to any bus board. this feature can be removed through a jumper on the back of the module.

width: 4 hp
depth: 4 cm
max current: 20ma
bus board cable: 8x2 idc (doepfer style) connector

regarding expression pedals:
behringer fcv100 and moog ep2 are the two expression pedals that we can recommend but any expression pedal with a stereo jack will work. line 6 mono exp. pedals need to be hacked to be compatible.

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