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addac system
addac304 manual gates: red front panel

price : $110.00

ADDAC304 Manual Gates: Red Front Panel

addac304 manual gates: silver front panel

price : $110.00

ADDAC304 Manual Gates: Silver Front Panel

with the addac304 manual gates you'll be getting 8 manual gates (0 +5v) in a nifty package - a perfect way to perform on and control your modular system.

the addac304 comes with an interesting twist: 4 out of the 8 available gates can act as momentary switches, outputting the signals in their respective inputs when each gate's button is pressed.

format: eurorack
width: 8 hp
depth: 2.5 cm

control voltage i/o:
cv inputs: ± 10v
gate outputs: 0 +5v

max current: 10ma
bus board cable: 8 x 2 idc (doepfer style) connector

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