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addac system
addac402 4 voice heuristic rhythm generator

price : $540.00

addac402b heuristic midi i/o expansion

price : $120.00

here's our 4 voice heuristic rhythm generator and midi in out expansion.

with 6 rhythm generation "algorithms / principles":
euclidean (equal distribution)
golomb rulers (inequal distribution)
probabilistic (predictable distribution)
game of life (organic progression)
footwork'n (inducted error progression)
pong (voltage controlled pong game)

plus a 4 channel gate sequencer mode with 16 presets.

add addac402b expansion for full i/o midi control plus access to a powerfu midi interface, with:
midi sync
5 cv to midi channels (notes and/or cc)
4 midi to gate channels
all panel controls (knobs, switches and push buttons) as cc controls.

all fully configurable with a midi learn feature for easier configuration.

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