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addac system
addac501 complex random: gold

price : $360.00

addac501 complex random: red

price : $360.00

8hp eurorack format
compatible with +-12v and +-15v power supplies

cv / manual controls:
voltage maximum
voltage minimum
frequency maximum
frequency minimum
external clock

standard / brownian random
free / quantized output
standard / brownian driven time random

3 independent 16bit cv outputs
(outputs share the same parameters)

electrical specs:
cv inputs: 0+10v
cv outputs: 0+5v

±12 to ±15v
max current: 150ma
bus board cable: 8x2 idc (doepfer style) connector

mechanical specs:
format: eurorack
width: 8hp
depth: 5cm deep

standalone cv controlled complex random module:
this module creates 3 independent 16bit cv outputs based on the same parameters.

the controls allows you to create random steps at specific voltage ranges, for ex. randomizing voltages between +1.5v and +4v...

the interval between outputs can also be randomized, so that means that we can set clock signals to occur for ex. between 200 miliseconds and 2 seconds...

there's also a brownian random, and without going too technical here, let's just say that it kinda "tames" it from going too wild working more like a "drunk" random...

quantized output mode in major c pentatonic scale

brownian driven time randomization

other things to do with a complex random!
1. cv stepping - bit reducing cv
2. cv quantization - quantize an external cv input
3. sample and hold with offset control
4. random gate delay (up to 5 seconds) with fixed, variable or random voltage (with adjustable gate threshold)

there's also 3 jumpers on the back if you choose to attenuate changes between random steps, working as a selectable fixed "glide" mode.

random's parameters:
voltage maximum
here you set the maximum random voltage.

voltage minimum
here you set the minimum random voltage.

if voltage min value is bigger than voltage max then the second will be ignored and frequency min sets a fixed voltage source.

working like a random clock driven sample & hold.

random's clock controls:
clock frequency maximum
here you set the maximum time between each clock

clock frequency minimum
here you set the minimum time between each clock

external clock input
the ext clk switch will switch between internal and external clock, if external clock is chosen then the frequency min cv input will accept trigger input to drive it's random steps.

if frequency min value is bigger than frequency max then the second will be ignored and frequency min sets a fixed clock source.

working as a standard vc random.

for all knobs there's a switch to choose between cv or manual input.

in cv mode the knobs are used to amplify the incoming cv voltage so that a signal that is between 0 and +5v can be amplified to 0 +10v for full analysis range

in manual mode the knobs are used to manually set a value in the full range

settings section:

1st switch: standard / brownian. random type

2nd switch: free / quantized. output type
3rd switch: standard / brownian. clock timing type


voltage range
these 3 jumpers allows you to independently set each channel output range to: 0v to +5v, 0v to +10v

fixed glide jumper
these jumpers allows you to set an analog fixed glide output, this will smooth the voltage sent to the outputs.

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