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addac system
addac503 marble physics

price : $465.00

ADDAC503 Marble Physics

newtonian physics on a modular synth! the addac503 marble physics is a cv generator based on the mechanics behavior of a marble on a tray.

through this realtime physics simulator you'll be able to control several parameters that will affect the behavior of a model of a spherical object against a plane. you can tilt the plane or bump the marble with a certain strength, which will cause it to roll and bounce on elastic walls.

the model will output the object's xy position or velocity and you can control other physical parameters, like the walls' elasticity or the strength of a bump. when the marble hits walls the bounce output triggers and you can additionally lock the x axis for a one dimension simulation. finally you can also set the overall speed of the simulation.

by controlling all of these properties you be able simulate several scenarios where the marble falls, gets gently pulled by gravity, orbits indefinitely or bounces on walls like a pinball. truly engaging physics simulations!

uni and bipolar operation.
x and y tilt.
wall elasticity.
simulation speed.
bump with strength control and dedicated physical push trigger.
x axis lock for one dimension operation.

format: eurorack
width: 10 hp
depth: 5.2 cm

control voltage i/o:
cv inputs: ± 10v
cv outputs: ± 5v

max current: 150ma
bus board cable: 8 x 2 idc (doepfer style) connector

interactive users guide:
in order to better illustrate the behavior of this module, a java application built in processing was developed for potential users to test and better understand the module's inherent features.

this application is cross compatible with the three main operating systems and, besides all the functions of the real hardware module, it features a graphical display that resembles an oscilloscope like monitor and a very simple sound engine as if the module output was plugged straight into the cv input of a vco.

the audiovisual experience of using this application makes it a very effective demonstration of the module's potential.

download app linux
download app osx
download app win

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