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addac system
addac601 vc fixed filterbank

price : $599.00

our addac601 analog filterbank will have you shaping the spectrum of your sound "tout de suite".

with its 8 fixed frequencies, this very special filterbank has two additional features that you won't find anywhere else. each of the 8 band volumes can be controlled through a linear high performance vca, which adds great dynamics and new abilities to the art of filtering. additionally this module also doubles as an envelope follower, with a dedicated cv output per band.

it features numerous output options: you can select between individual bands, the full processed sound, a wet/dry signal and even choose between odd or even frequencies.

plus you can add up to two different signals, which are mixed internally by the addac601 inputs.

2 audio inputs (audio 1 includes attenuator knob)
wet/dry mix knob

8 independent bands, each featuring:
linear high performance vca with attenuator/initial knob
on/off switch (defines if band is routed to the master outputs)
envelope follower cv output
post vca audio output
monitor led

main outputs:
1 wet output
1 wet/dry output
1 odd frequencies
1 even frequencies

band distribution: 50 hz / 110hz / 220hz / 500hz / 1.1khz / 2.2khz / 5.2khz / 11 khz

format: eurorack
width: 20 hp
depth: 5.5 cm

control voltage i/o:
cv inputs: 5v
cv outputs: 0 - 10v

compatible with +-12v and +-15v power supplies
max current: 250ma
bus board cable: 8 2 idc (doepfer style) connector

view the users guide here.


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