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addac system
addac703 discrete mixer

price : $225.00

here's the second module of our 700's heritage series. inspired by moog cp3 mixer, this is a totally discrete analog mixer and it's not, by any means, your standard breakfast mixer, although it can behave like one. this is a wolf in sheep's clothing. despite its harmless looks there's a dark snarly soul behind that panel that wants to take your sounds into a realm of gritty gnarly growls.

4 independent channels with input jack and volume knob
1 feedback/gate knob
master output volume knob
6 front panel trimmers allows user to adjust the input resistor trimmer for each channel, feedback and master output
1 front panel trimmer allows to adjust the mix bias

format: eurorack
width: 8 hp
depth: 3 cm

max current: 60ma.
bus board cable: 8 2 idc (doepfer style) connector.

black screws
black fibre washers

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