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addac system
addac804 audio integrator

price : $325.00

ios devices have become very popular, and now offer a wide variety of groundbreaking audio applications. most of them generate sound but some make use of the microphone input to record, filter or take advantage of sampling synthesis techniques.

the addac 804 will allow you to connect any ios application to your modular synth and simulataneous send and receive audio between both devices.

all ios devices (ipad, iphone and ipod) allow audio i/o through advanced headphone jack connectors. the addac 804 ships with a special cable that sports this duplex funcionality.

besides the common audio signal input, the addac804 also analyses your ios app sound and provides two envelope followers with level and decay, so that you can use left and right volumes independently as envelopes or triggers for different functions on your modular synth.

output (from addac804 to ios):
2 independent inputs (which are then redirected from addac804 to the ios device through cable).
2 independent volume knobs.

input (from ios to addac804):
2 independent outputs (which carry the ios signal fed to addac804 through cable).
2 independent envelope knobs to set trigger levels.
2 envelope decay knobs.

extra: ios duplex audio cable included.

format: eurorack
width: 8 hp
depth: 1.5 cm

compatible with +-12v and +-15v power supplies.
max current: 20ma.
bus board cable: 8 2 idc (doepfer style) connector.

extra: ios duplex audio cable included.

view the users guide here.

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