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aion modular
904c filter coupler

price : $299.00

904C Filter Coupler

the aion modular 904c filter coupler is an eurorack clone of the classic moog™ modular 904c. the 904c filter coupler connects the 904a lowpass and the 904b highpass together to produce a bandpass or a band reject filter response. bandwidth can be extended to three octaves and center frequency ranges from 5hz to 20khz. both can be controlled manually or via control voltage. the 904c provides a wide variety of signal processing and we strongly encourage experimentation but we advise to start with the following settings:

904a fixed control voltage: +6
904a frequency range: 2
904b fixed control voltage: -1
904b frequency range: low

the 904a and the 904b are required to use the 904c. in the "off" position, the 904a and 904b are disconnected from the 904c an can be used independently. the connection cables are provided with the module.

power: +12 (30ma), -12 (15ma)
depth: 20mm
doepfer compatible.

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