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aion modular
911 envelope generator

price : $230.00

911 Envelope Generator

the aion modular 911 envelope generator is an eurorack clone of the classic moog™ modular 911. the 911 envelope generator (adsr) generates the control voltage contours required for producing envelopes in conjunction with a voltage-controlled amplifier or a voltage-controlled filter. attack time (t1), decay time (t2), and release time (t3) are all independently variable over a 2 millisecond - 10 second range, making the module suitable for very fast percussive sounds or long and evolving sounds. the 911 envelope generator can be triggered by an external gate signal via the trigger input or manually by a push button.

power: +12 (30ma), -12 (15ma)
depth: 20mm
doepfer compatible.

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