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mini mod cv mix - offset - vca: silver

price : $205.00

Mini Mod CV Mix - Offset - VCA: Silver

mini mod cv mix - offset - vca: black

price : $225.00

Mini Mod CV Mix - Offset - VCA: Black

the minimod cvmix-offset-vca is a compact 10hp wide eurorack format module. it has been developed to offer a range of useful utilities for the minimod system and of course other eurorack synthesisers.

it comprises a four channel polarising mixer, amplifier, inverter, a voltage source and a dc coupled vca with switchable cv offset.

uses include mixing together cv modulation sources, mixing an offset voltage with a cv source, converting a bipolar +/- 5v modulation into a unipolar 0 to +5v

this useful module is a bipolar mixer, dc voltage source and linear dc coupled vca - with no input to channel 1 the input 1 pot becomes a voltage source with a range of ± 6v. the control pot and input for channel 4 can be switched to become an offset control and/or a second cv input for the vca. input 3 has 2x gain, so it can amplify lower level cv's too. all of the inputs are bipolar, which means that either non-inverted or inverted version of the input signal can be added to the mix depending upon the input control being turned clockwise (non-inverting) or anti-clockwise (inverted). the 12'o'clock position is zero.

module width: 10hp
module depth: 26mm (including power lead)
current usage: 30ma positive, 12ma negative

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