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alm015: akemie's taiko

price : $350.00

ALM015: Akemie's Taiko

akemie's taiko is an authentic complete fm synthesis based drum voice created using original yamaha ic's. it builds on the same technology used in the mighty akemie's castle but in a more complete triggered voice form featuring both signal generation and envelope shaping.

the module provides cv and direct control over a number of fm parameters including algorithm selection, operator release envelopes, ratios, waveforms & feedback. this gives a massive range of unique sounds.

the voice is able to track 1 volt per octave allowing it to be used for melodic lines as well as percussion. also optional 'frequency ramps' can be enabled for additional audio effects.

the drum voice includes a trigger input as well as accent and choke trigger inputs to add further expressive and rhythmic control.

complete drum voice with authentic 4 operator / 6 algorithm / 8 waveform / feedback fm
full voltage control including algorithm selection.
inbuilt envelopes with separate release control of fm carriers and modulator.
tracks 1v per octave for melody lines.
optional frequency 'ramps' for for further effects and fm
trigger, accent and choke trigger inputs.
reverse polarity protection.
skiff friendly.
designed and made in the uk.
can tear holes in space time.

technical specifications:
supply: +/-12v (reverse voltage protection)
current draw: ~70ma
size: 18 hp
depth: 32mm (including power header)

download the manual here.

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