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alm busy circuits
alm016: pe-1

price : $125.00

ALM016 (PE-1)

pe-1 is a dual band parametric eq and simple two channel mixer. two control sections provide a sweepable cut or boost to a selectable upper and lower frequency band. the module has two ac-coupled audio inputs, one of which has an attenuation control for basic mixing, and a single audio output.

the pe-1 is inspired by the eq circuits used in early portastudio type 4 track tape mixers. warm up a digital source, fine control a live performance, extend a mixer, tweak a feedback loop - there are many uses for this great sounding eq.

provides +/-12db of boost and cut across 2 selected frequency bands
dual input with single attenuation control
reverse polarity protection.
skiff friendly.
designed and made in the uk.

technical specifications:
supply: +/-12v (reverse voltage protection)
current draw: ~10ma
size: 5 hp
depth: 32mm (including power header)

download the manual here.

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