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price : $310.00


t-wrex is an analog bitcrusher and decimator!

t-wrex has two separate sections: stomp is a bitcrusher and chomp is a decimator. you can sweep each effect from imperceptible all the way to rumbly, growling sonic debris. use each section's voltage-controllable dry/wet circuit to find the perfect balance of harmony and havoc!

at the core of each section is a high-speed, low-leakage analog sample & hold circuit. the bitcrusher's sync input is ored with its internal s&h trigger which steps the output voltage. mult in to sync to force a static waveform, or use another vco for the bitcrusher equivalent of hardsync!

the decimator's internal analog vco controls its sample rate, but you can override it by patching your own signal to the sample input. use complex waveforms to flavor your decimation (spicy!), or even use subaudio-rate signals for a traditional helping of sample & hold!

t-wrex provides an attenuverter on each cv input for your wiggling convenience. crank the chomp attenuverter fully counterclockwise to make the decimator's internal vco track its cv at 1v/octave!

power: +12v / 80ma, -12v / 70ma
width: 12hp
depth: 30mm (including power connector)
includes power cable and befaco knurlies for mounting!

download the users manual here.

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