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price : $749.00


generator is a highly versatile multi channel analogue step sequencer. it provides a fun and intuitive, yet powerful way to create rhythms and melodies with your modular and cv synths.

why do i need this sequencer? what's so special?
generator is a very compact and high quality step sequencer. it's usp is that it is a playable sequencer. you don't just set up a sequence and leave it looping. the ui is designed in such a way as to make it easy, fun and intuitive to alter the rhythm and to get alternative sequences playing using the real time touch pads. generator has plenty of scope for re-patching the signals using cv leads, or via the pre-configured switches. generator is super easy to hook up to your analogue synthesisers, eurorack, and other analogue gear. sync to daw is very easy and solid, using midi note 60. play that note and the sequencer will step. no menus of multi-button pressed. wysiwyg front panel control.

generator can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be
we have given this sequencer a large and diverse number of controls, that along side the patch sockets, will give even the best and experienced electronic musician endless possibilities. we have presented the controls in a user friendly and familiar sequencer layout that, together with this manual and other resources, enable even the new guy to get great patterns quickly. no compromise has been made with the construction of generator. cheaper parts have not been used!

analogue sequencer
three channels of 16 steps, each providing true analogue cv outputs. these run in parallel. total pattern length can be changed, or the pattern reset.

gate outs
gate output, with an inverted 'flipped' output (positive voltage, but the 'state' is inverted. so this output does the opposite of the main gate output).

voltage generator
six 'note' interval voltage generator keyboard. use to transpose the sequence, reset, start and other things too! can be clocked by the end pulse creating a mini-sequence that changes once per bar. can be used independently as a mini keyboard!

voltage controlled internal clock
the internal clock is analogue using an analogue lfo. speed can be changed using cv. the sequencer can also be clocked using a midi note or even using an external clock signal from a modular.

versatile control
many controls, switches, and jacks to allow you to alter the way the sequencer steps or behaves.

intuitive real time gate control
or, iretigac (patent pending). alter the rhythm in real time using just 4 rotary knobs.

jack sockets
so many jacks sockets!

slim form factor.

full rugged steel/aluminium case - no plastic mouldings
good quality smooth, fully sealed against dust
good quality knobs
gold plated touch pads
analogue step voltages
full 16 steps, 3 cv channels, gate channel
designed, built, tested and assembled in the uk
6 part voltage generator
so many sockets!

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