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station x

price : $740.00

station x is a compact "mini-modular" synthesiser. it contains all the essential ingredients to form complete synth patches.

think of it as a mini red square or tereshkova (two other, larger modular synths we produce). in fact, a mini red square is a good analogy. if has the same filter and similar key features (though red square is 2 vco).

station x is ideal for beginners who want to dip their toes into the world of modular synths, the travelling producer who wants to take a true analogue modular synth around to different sessions, or home musician who perhaps is limited for space.

midi to cv converter (so you can play it from midi).
voltage controlled oscillator with pulse width control input.
low pass 'moog' style filter, 24db/oct.
voltage controlled amplifier (wired in series to the vcf).
envelope generator.
vc low frequency oscillator. four waveforms and cv controlled of frequency.
noise generator.
sample and hold.

please click here to visit the manufacturer's webpage for more info.

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