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price : $399.00


verstalie analogue synth and sound maker

no compromise has been made with the construction of treadstone. cheaper options in parts have not been used.

analogue oscillator
the vco is very analogue and uses discrete components and op-amps. one oscillator, yet still sounds big - using pwm and sub osc creates a full warm and deep sound.

analogue low frequency oscillator
the lfo has triangle and square wave modulation signals.

analogue filter
treadstone uses a four pole 24bb per octave multimode filter. the filter is a re-issue of the classic ssm2044, as used in many classic synths such as the korg poly 6, monopoly, emulator, sp1200.

analogue mixer
audio signals such as the vco, noise, external audio are all routed to the vcf via an analogue mixer.

analogue amplifier
the vca can be set so it is always 'open'. this allows treadstone to be used as an effects processor.

analogue envelope
the eg features attack, sustain, and combined decay/release. it's not really true to say it is an asr envelope, it really is an adsr - decay and release are both controlled by the same control. saving space with little compromise in flexibility. it's possible to drone or auto-repeat the envelope also.

great thought has been placed into modulation route choices, allowing a wide range of sounds to be produced, including percussion and 'modular' style sounds.

full rugged steel/aluminium case no plastic mouldings
good quality smooth, fully sealed against dust
good quality knobs with spun aluminium caps
high grade double sided circuit board
analogue discrete vco, analogue ssm style 24db filter
high quality 16bit dac for midi-cv conversion stable midi to cv
midi converter
midi loop sequencer
lfo, noise, sub osc, eg, pwm, lofi digital echo
analogue voice and modulation circuits
stable analogue oscillator
designed, built, tested and assembled in the uk
true retro analogue voice and modulation circuits used in the synth element to give an authentic retro
real solid wood (not ply!)

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