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vostok deluxe

price : $5,102.00

the new vostok deluxe - bigger and better!

key features of vostok deluxe
pure analogue voice and modulation circuitry.
suitcase style design.
22x22 matrix pin panel.
rugged steel construction. quality chrome catches and cool steel spring handle.
retro signal meter.
jack socket patch points.
more, more, more!

additional features over previous model;
accutronics analogue triple spring reverb
extra lfo
sequencer step repeat feature.
midi clock to analogue clock converter.
the vcf1 high pass filter can now be switch to be a low pass filter too - this means you get 24db type filter sound.
many signals have been split and given their own jack socket outputs.
some cv inputs have been given an attenuator control.
comes with 10 0ohm pins, 10 10k ohm pins
now also comes with cables too; 2x split cables, 5x 30cm cables, 5x 60cm cables.
5 more jack sockets
21 more control knobs and switches
3 more leds
physically larger!

size: inc. lid: 190 deep, 400 high, 660 wide (mm)
weight: heavy! don't drop it on your foot.

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