andromeda space rockers instruments all share a unique feature, ir sync, which allows them to stay in sync by wireless communication with infrared light. ir sync is an open design and other designers and diy-ers are welcome to use it.

each instrument has a sync in sensor on the left side, and sync out on the right side. arrange them in a line with 1-6" spacing between them. the instrument on the left end of the chain should be set to generate sync (lead), and the rest should be set as followers. on the andromeda mk drum machines, use the lead/follow switch to set the sync mode. in follow mode, the sync signal is repeated to the next device in the chain.

ir sync works under typical indoor ambient light, but there are some environments with too much ambient infrared for them to communicate. sunlight and bright incandescent bulbs are known sources of interference. compact fluorescent lamps are ideal.

as of early 2010, more ir sync compatible devices are in the works by various manufacturers.


andromeda mk-1 (assembled)

andromeda mk-2 (assembled)

andromeda mk-3 (assembled)

andromeda mk-4 (assembled)

tune in tokyo (assembled)

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