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andromeda space rockers
andromeda mk-3 (assembled)

price : $80.00

andromeda mk-3 is a minimal analog synthesizer that generates a muted bass note. it contains a manual tuned oscillator, envelope generator, vca, and light-controlled low pass filter. the tune potentiometer sets the pitch of the oscillator. the mk-3 has a built-in programmable loop sequencer with a minimal interface. the dip switch sets the length of the loop. you tap in the pattern in in real time using the button. holding the button down for 2 seconds erases the loop. the loop runs non stop when in lead mode, or whenever ir sync is detected (follow mode). this chart shows you how to program different loop lengths with the mk-3ís sequencer. it works the same as the mk-4 sequencer.

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space baby digital delay (available at handmade music austin #5)

this video is an example of using another drum machine to trigger the mk-3. the roland tr-606ís trigger outputs connect directly to the mk-3's ext input, with a simple modification. there is a solder jumper labeled int-trig-ext. it is like an spdt switch. normally it is configured with a solder blob across the int-trig pads. this connects the mk-3's onboard sequencer. if you move the blob of solder so it bridges the trig-ext pads, then the mk-3 waits for trigger pulses from an external sequencer. i used a mini-grabber clip to connect the ext pad on the mk-3 to the 606's trigger out jack.

assembly guide

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