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tune in tokyo (assembled)

price : $80.00

tune in tokyo is a source of unusual, lfo-animated frequency textures. tit is an altered digital sinewave generator that demands attention as it sweeps the full audio spectrum with mega-aliasing and decimation artifacts, the subharmonics of three ultra high frequency master clocks engaged in a mathematical battle that you wonít dare ponder the details of.

1/4" line output. powered by 9v battery. uses 10ma of current; estimated 48 hours of play time on a fresh alkaline 9v battery.

tune in tokyo began as an experiment with a cool yet seldom-seen idea from don lancasterís cmos cookbook called "digital sine wave generator". i modified the circuit with extra oscillators, altered the way it handles data, and gave it an lfo. its controlled with 4 knobs and 2 switches for plenty of variety. take a look at these spectrograms to see the complex mix of frequencies that cris-cross the entire audio spectrum as they converge and diverge under lfo control.

audio sample:

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