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sub ring

price : $229.00

Sub Ring

the sub ring is the missing 5-channel analog mixer section of your modular, especially tuned to play well with oscillators. it features a ring mod, 2 sub octaves, and a noise generator. it adds character, volume, and depth to your synth voice. all 5 channels are summed at the 'mix' output and have 1.5x amplification. a mix out and dedicated white noise output are provided. use the sub ring to fatten and add depth to your patches!

100% analog
input with gain and bipolar level control
2 analog sub octaves derived from input 1 with level control
analog white noise with level control and dedicated full-level output
ring mod of input 1 x input 3 (or whatever is input into the ring input) with level control dc coupled to facilitate experimentation with cv signals! inputs 24 provide normalling functions to act as mixer inputs
thicken and add depth to classic synth patches, experiment with adding sub octaves and ring mod to unexpected sources (vocals/drum machines/cv signals), use as a 4-input utility mixer + ring mod (which can act as a 5th input with vca), a noise source for sound or random functions, etc...

width: 6hp

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