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price : $1,999.00


don't let its small size fool you- the anyware tinysizer is a complete mini analog modular synthesizer system. it has the following features:

350 patch sockets making it fully modular with all the typical routings.
ultra compact so it fits in pretty much all notebook bags
midi to integrate with modern computer and sequencer set-ups
mic pre-amp, audio gate and other ways
internal dsp effects
unique patchmatrix design
special power management which improves the sound and dynamics of the filters and oscillators
a durable metal case material
ships with approximately 40 patch cables and external power supply
compatible with all 1 volt/octave and 5 volt/gate synthesizers and modular systems
portable (approximately 9.6 inches high, 12.6 inches wide and 1.6 inches deep).

the tinysizer is a fully-contained synth with the following sub-modules:
2 x voltage-controlled oscillators (vcos) - oberheim sem style
1 x control voltage cv waveform processor/waveshaper
3 x sub-oscillator
3 x low frequency oscillator (lfo)
1 x voltage-controlled filter (vcf) - state variable, oberheim sem style
2 x envelope generators (adsr)
1 x envelope follower with audio gate and microphone pre-amp
1 x dsp effect containing reverb and delay
4 x voltage-controlled amplifier (linear vca)
2 x mixer, inverter and overload
1 x control voltage (cv) source
4 x cv, 6 x gate and midi interface
1 x white noise & pink noise
1 x sample & hold (s&h)
1 x ring modulator
11 x patchable auxiliary inputs & outputs (bi-directional)
3 x multiples
1 x power supply

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