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rackbrute 3u

price : $259.00

RackBrute 3U

tactical eurorack armor
rackbrute 3u is a comprehensive eurorack housing, transport, and protection solution. featuring configurable positions, dependable power supply, and maximum practicality, you can be assured your precious modules will be well guarded.

modular gear is a precious commodity, and you need a versatile housing and security system to accommodate them. a first glance, you'll see that this is a perfectly fitted 3u, 88 hp case made of a light but strong aluminum chassis, fitted with wood side panels. deceptively simple, rackbrute is far more than a simple box. it includes many smart additions, such as the included +12v / -12v / +5v power supply that ensures that keeps everything up and running, and the multi-position handle system that not only lets you carry your collection with ease, but also lets you deploy an optimal operating angle, whatever your preference.

ready for anything
secure an unobstructed viewpoint over the theatre of operation, and hold the position 'til further orders.

in addition to keeping your modules safe and secure, rackbrute 3u gives you total control of the situation, no matter the context. the first of its secret weapons is the link fastening system. paired with the included handle, it will let you choose one of several configurations and orientations for your modular arsenal. whether you want your gear stealthy and prone, or standing to attention, rackbrute is at your command.

the second trick up its sleeve is the stalwart, ever-reliable, power supply module. including two independent circuits to supply common modular voltages, it will more than cover your need for +12v, -12v and +5v, providing up to 1600ma in total.

thirdly, its robust power rail includes a sophisticated noise-filtering technology, and provides 20 standard slots to leave plenty of space for your collection.

once you're powered, in position, and locked down, you'll feel like your modular rig could withstand a siege.

joining forces with allies
the link fastening system not only equips the rackbrute 3u, but also its large-calibre sibling, rackbrute 6u as well the minibrute 2 and minibrute 2s. no matter the combination you go for, you can make the most out of your extensive module collection, or create a powerful ecosystem with the extensive cv/gate connectivity of the minibrute 2 and 2s.

let's move out
we made sure that your gear would arrive without any scratches.

when carrying precious cargo, dozens of fragile modules, a unique and irreplaceable collection, you need to be certain of their safety. with rackbrute 3u, you have nothing to fear: from the handle, all the way to the threaded nut strips, you'll find strong aluminum and steel. wherever you go, however long your journey, however heavy your setup, rackbrute was built to last. even transporting two rackbrutes or a rackbrute and a minibrute 2 is totally risk-free thanks to the built-in spacers, eliminating any chance of collision.

if you are planning an undercover mission, the dedicated, discrete rackbrute travel case will keep your precious equipment free from harm.

when you need to take your show on the road, rehearse, or even just rearrange your creative space, you can depend on rackbrute.

eurorack format, 88 hp
aluminum chassis
provided with a 5 hp power module
up to 1600ma on +12v and 1600ma on -12v (2 separate circuits of 800ma)
up to 900ma on 5v (usb + 5v modules)
power rail with noise filtering, 20 standard power slots with up to 800ma on +12v and -12v
link system and smart handle to fasten a minibrute 2/2s or another rackbrute unit in various configurations
built-in spacers for the highest protection in transport configuration

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