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audible disease
infection in-2

price : $175.00

the audible disease infection in-2 is a maniacal dual oscillator noise synthesizer that is joystick controlled. each of the two oscillators produces a buzzy square wave sound. the x-axis of the joystick controls the frequency of the first oscillator and the y-axis controls the frequency of the other. this demented device can generate sounds all the way from relentless screeching highs down to severe rumbling lows. extreme cacophony ensues when the frequency of the two oscillators are slightly out of phase with each other. the intensity knob controls the vigor and color of the final sound.

operates with a standard 9-volt power adapter with a 'barrel' type negative center. we recommend the visual sound 1 spot power adapter.

audio samples:
sound sample (with a bit of delay added)
sound sample

video sample:

download the instruction sheet here.

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