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audible disease
rupture rp-1

price : $75.00

the insanity that can be heard from the audible disease rupture rp-1 is just a twist of a knob away. the rupture creates a feedback loop that takes just about any signal-processing device and spews forth demented sonic violence. plug in a pitch shifter and create bizarre vortex of sound, which sometimes just disintegrates into screeching feedback. phasers, chorus, filters and flangers all sound like a mad, dilapidated machine going out of control. hook up a distortion pedal and discharge an array of effects, from synth-like textures, to unsystematic octave jumps, to weird drum-loop like patterns. experiment with anything and everything to get the most peculiar sounds you've ever heard! be warned though, the rupture does create exceedingly loud sounds. caution must be used at extreme volumes.

looking for tips on how to get the most out of your rupture rp-1? click here.

sound samples:
rupture with a dod buzz box in the loop
rupture with a dod corrosion in the loop
rupture with a digitech pds20/20 delay in the loop
rupture with a 3 randomish pedals in the loop

rupture rp-1 manual

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