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audible disease
synth bomb sb-1

price : $120.00

the audible disease synth bomb sb-1 is a simple yet fun to use hand-held monophonic synthesizer that produces an almost boundless array of sounds! just plug it in and you're ready to start making some severe noise. the sb-1 incorporates four square-wave oscillators running in parallel. the frequency of each oscillator can be controlled by how much light is hitting each of the four photo-eyes... the more light that hits the photo-eye the higher the frequency of that oscillator. cover the photo-eyes with your fingers for a virtually endless palate of sound! oh, did we mention that this thing is loud? well, it is!

operates with a 9-volt battery only. plug a 1/4 inch cable into the jack to turn on the unit.

audio samples:
sound sample with no added effects
sound sample with some delay added

download the instruction sheet here.

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