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price : $99.00

abc diy kit
user assembly required

price : $69.00

abc is a simple 6 channel signal mixer. it has 6 inputs a,b,c,d,e and f and two outputs a+b+c which is mixed in to the d+e+f output if nothing is inserted in the a+b+c jack. abc is designed to mix audio signals, but can be modified to mix cv signals instead. there are 6 solder jumpers on the back side, which can be connected to turn the abc mix into a cv mixer.

there are also 3 jumpers on the back side which can be used to normalize inputs a to d, b to e and c to f. this is useful if you would like to use the abc mix as a 3 channel stereo mixer (using both outputs and having separate volume control for left and right channel).

6 channel mixer
6 inputs a,b,c,d,e,f
2 outputs a+b+c and d+e+f (a+b+c is mixed into d+e+f if no jack is inserted in a+b+c)
3 jumpers to select normalization of inputs a to d, b to e, c to f (useful for stereo mixing)
inputs are ac coupled
there are solder jumpers for changing the inputs to dc coupling (than it can be used for mixing cv signals)
front panel from oak wood
handmade in brno, czech republic

technical details:
5 hp
35mm deep (skiff friendly)
current: +12 <10ma, -12 <10ma
ptc fuse and diode protected 10 pin power connector

download the manual here.

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