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price : $139.00


cinnamon is a very unique sounding filter. the presence of drive and character switches makes it a multi-flavoured spice for your sound !

voltage controlled cutoff frequency
cv input with attenuator
volt per octave cv input
audio input with gain control
drive switch to overdrive the input of the filter
low pass output (12db/oct - 2-pole)
band pass output (6db/oct - 1-pole)
high pass output (12db/oct - 2-pole)
resonance control
character switches to change the resonance response (character switches might break v/oct tracking)
with maxed resonance works as an oscillator (0°, 90° and 180° phased sinewave at lp, bp and hp outputs)
character switches change the waveform when self-oscillating and might also break the v/oct tracking

technical details:
5 hp
ptc fuse and diode protected 16pin power connector
35mm deep
current consumption: +12v: <30ma, -12v: <30 ma

download the manual here.

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