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knit rider expander

price : $64.99

knit rider expander diy kit
user assembly required

price : $39.00

the knit rider expander adds clock out and reset in / out connections to the knit rider sequencer. it doesn’t work without knit rider eurorack module.

clock out outputs a pulse each time a step on the knit rider changes (1 step = 4 substeps). it also has an indicatior led.

the reset socket acts as an output or input, depending on whether the knit rider is master or slave. in master mode, the reset outputs a pulse each time you press the start stop button. in slave mode, it acts as an input. when it detects a pulse, the sequencer goes to its first step (it will play the first step with the first incoming clock pulse).

an additional feature of this expander is a 3-way passive multiple with clock inverter. the lower 3 connectors are simple passive multiples.

the uppermost connector outputs an inverted version of the signal in the passive multiple. the inversion is done with a 2.5v threshold (0v or lower becomes 5v and 5v and higher becomes 0v).

expanding the connectivity of the knit rider eurorack module
clock output with indicatior led
reset socket can be either output or input, depending on the master / slave settings on the knit rider
3 way passive multiple with clock signal inverter

technical details:
powered from the knit rider module
with the expander connected the final current draw of the knit rider is: +12v: ?ma

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