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quattro figaro

price : $209.00

quattro figaro is a 4 channel vca (voltage controlled amplifier) with one cv inverter per channel and outputs of mixed channels. each channel a,b,c and d has its gain knob, cv in jack with attenuator knob, inverted cv out, signal in and signal out jacks. the signal gets amplified with gain linear to the control voltage. control voltages above 6 volts get compressed non-linearly (property of vca chip). maximum gain is a little above 2. amplified signal is outputted from the sig out jack.

internal routing
internal routing enables you to use the qf as a simple and powerful panning /crossfading tool. two pairs (a+b and c+d) are internally routed via the jack switches, which enables you to quickly setup the panning situation. because the internal routing is done via the connector switches, you can use all the channels independently by plugging in the cables, which disconnects the internal routing.

signal from channel a is routed to the switch on signal jack of channel b (the same with c and d), which means that the signal from channel a is connected to channel b as long as there is no jack plugged into the signal jack of channel b.

inverted cv out of channel a is also connected to the switch on the cv in of channel b (the same with c and d), which means that the inverted cv is connected to the cv input of signal b as long as there is no jack plugged into the signal jack of channel b.

mixed outputs
the mixed outputs enable you to use qf as voltage controlled mixer or stereo panning voltage controlled mixer. there are outputs of signal a mixed with signal c, signal b mixed with signal d (note that these two outputs are inverted), all signals mixed together and all signals mixed together but inverted.

4 channel vca
cv attenuator per channel
gain knob per channel
each cv input has inverted cv output
mixed outputs -(a+c), -(b+d), a+b+c+d, -(a+b+c+d)
internally routed cvs and signals via connector switches (for easy panning /crossfading setup)
handmade in brno, czech republic
front panel from oak wood, handmade custom knobs

technical details:
10 hp
35mm deep (skiff friendly)
current +12 < 40 ma , -12 < 35 ma
ptc fuse and diode protected 16 pin power connector

download the manual here.

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