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price : $139.00

servo can drive 2 hobby 5v servo motors. motor driving circuitry and cv input circuitry are optically isolated without any ground connection. requires external power supply for driving motors. each channel has trigger/gate input which changes between two different angles set by the knobs or cv input which controls the angle of servo directly. for cv inputs the second angle knob works as attenuator.

two channel hobby 5v servo motor driver
cv circuitry and motor circuitry are optically isolated
external power supply for motors required (9-15v), positive polarity
motors are driven thru onboard 5v regulator
trigger/gate input per channel
cv input per channel

technical details:
ptc fuse and diode protected 16pin power connector
requires 5v in the bus
50mm deep
current consumption: +12v: <5ma, -12v <5ma, +5v: <35ma

download the manual here.

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