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price : $115.00

skis diy kit
user assembly required

price : $79.00

in the front of every ski there is a curve similar to a decay envelope. skis module has two channels a and b and each of them consists of a decay envelope with knob control and a vca. there is a trigger input to trigger the envelope, a buffered envelope output which is normalised to the cv input of the vca. than there is signal in and out of the vca.

there is also a crunch switch which activates a special mosfet lo-fi vca circuit inspired by designs of standa filip. this adds a slight crunchy character which changes with the decay of the envelope.

a typical application of skis is to take two signals (noises for example) and generate drum sounds with adjustable decay from them with a trigger signal. however, you can also use the two vcas and two decay envelopes independently.

dual decay envelope with adjustable decay time (trigger input, cv output)
dual vca (signal in, signal out, cv in is normalized to cv output of decay envelope)
crunch feature inspired by circuits of standa filip
jumpers for changing the decay envelope to release envelope (vca is on full while there is a gate signal and than it decays)
jumpers for enabling the decay knob to completely mute the decay envelope
jumpers for selecting weird filtering of the output signal (also inspired by standa filip)
front panel from oak wood, handmade custom knobs
handmade in brno, czech republic

technical details:
5 hp
current: +12: <30ma, -12: <20ma
35mm deep (skiff friendly)
ptc fuse and diode protected 10 pin power connector

download the manual here.

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