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price : $99.00


spaghetti is a simple utility module for handling signals in your modular setup. spaghetti has one main signal input, inverted signal output, 2 buffered multiple outputs (with low offset cca 0.015%) and unity mixed output with other 2 signal mix inputs.

signal input
inverted output
2x buffered low offset outputs (cca 0.015%)
unity gain mix with 2 mix inputs 1 mix out
bipolar led to visualise each signal independently (visible from 2volts)
handmade in brno, czech republic
front panel from oak wood

technical details:
35mm deep (skiff friendly)
current: +12: <15ma, -12: <35ma, +5: <35 ma
ptc fuse and diode protected 16 pin power connector
requires 5v in bus board

download the manual here.

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