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wackel kontakt

price : $9.99

the broken cables and bad contacts are really vintage thing ! which means sometimes you really want them. sometimes you really need them ! and yes ! you can really love them!

this is why we carefully designed this 1hp broken contact emulator in form of 2x 4 way multiple!

it is not only a random type of generator to break your patches, it is also very usefull as a cable hanger or as 1hp blank panel. and most of all… it is the one module you would love to talk about with your friends!

how to calibrate wackel kontakt:
the module cannot be mounted in the rack for successful calibration
please don’t use it uncalibrated
take a broken patchcable (works also with functioning one, but still...)
push it thru the connector hole you want to calibrate
keep moving the cable inside the hole to all sides
keep putting it in and out until you get the feeling and broken-ness you desire
repeat that process with all connector holes of the module
note: each hole can and should be broken differently – but we leave that part of the process to your personal taste

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