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price : $240.00

the cobalt is a warm, flexible and highly customizable clean boost/overdrive designed for guitar and bass. the cobalt is designed to be very responsive to your playing dynamics and is highly adaptable to many different instruments and uses. the cobalt features a very high impedance input to preserve your instrument's tone and to avoid loading down your pickups and uses hand selected and tweaked components to achieve superior sound quality. the cobalt can be used for everything from a transparent clean boost to that "amp right on the edge of breaking up sound" to a very open, high gain tube overdrive sound (even at unity gain settings!) with many subtle shades in between. besides having a large amount of gain available, the cobalt is designed to be very quiet in operation and adds virtually no noise to the signal chain even when used at higher gain settings. the cobalt adds some serious punch to your sound without compromising the tone and feel of your instrument and amp.

controls are as follows:
gain - controls the amount of input gain. use the gain knob to pad down the input signal to prevent the cobalt from overdriving and adding dirt into the signal. alternately, the gain knob may be used to overdrive subsequent stages, providing a nice tube amp overdrive sound at unity gain levels in conjunction with the drive and bias knobs. drive - controls the secondary boost gain and amount of overdrive. use the drive knob to fine tune the amount of overdrive or clean boost.

bias - controls the signal bias which effects the amount of signal headroom, compression, waveform symmetry and "crunch". counterclockwise provides more headroom and less signal distortion, clockwise provides more compression, overdrive and assymetry of the waveform. use in conjunction with the gain and drive knobs to tailor your sound.

volume - controls the amount of overall output volume and gain.

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