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black market modular
colour palette

price : $279.00

colour palette bundle
includes woot & tweet colourcv's

price : $329.00

designed to deliver the diyre colour platform to eurorack modular systems, the colour palette by itself consists of three high-quality vca's with serial and parallel routing options.

you may host up to three colour or colourcv submodules – low cost, ultra compact, diy friendly circuits that provide a wide range of functions including saturation, filtering, delay, and many others.

cv bias and vca cv inputs
sets the initial level for each of the three vca’s. these levels are increased by positive (unipolar) voltage at the corresponding vca cv input jack, typically from an envelope generator. the vca level may influence the effect of installed colours or colourcv’s.

colour ctrl and colour cv inputs
allows control over specific parameters on installed colourcv sub-modules. this control level is modified by negative or positive (bipolar) voltage at the corresponding cv input jack, typically from an lfo or sequencer.

vca inputs and outputs
for each channel, signals pass through a vca before being processed by an installed colour circuit. the three channels can also be normalled in series with output 1 normalled to input 2, and output 2 normalled to input 3; or in parallel, with input 1 normalled to input 2 and 3. (behavior selectable via internal switch)

summed output
provides a single output with the outputs of the three vca’s mixed (summed) together. patching a vca output may remove it from the sum output (behavior selectable via internal switch)

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