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blunderbuss musket

price : $175.00

a fun little musket-revision project, called the "blunderbuss musket", now shipping from stock. it isn't a v3 musket, instead its an alternate take on the musket circuit with a big banging sound.

blunderbuss etymology: the term "blunderbuss" is of dutch origin, from the dutch word donderbus, which is a combination of donder, meaning "thunder", and buss, meaning "pipe" (middle dutch: busse, box, tube, from late latin, buxis, box).[1] the similar german büchse is as common for tin as for rifle. the transition from donder to blunder is thought by some to be deliberate; the term blunder was originally used in a transitive sense, synonymous with to confuse, and this is thought to describe the stunningly loud report of the large bore, short barreled blunderbuss.

click here for a comparison video of the blunderbuss musket with the musket v2.

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