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cv arpeggio module with expansion

price : $240.00

comes with screws, and ribbon cable (10 pin to 16pin idc cable). this module does not require the 5v option power supply. just plug and play.

the expansion module is included. this allows you to do clock input and trigger output. the expansion also has a (4) jack passive multiple.

this module uses the pic firmware. the internal arpeggio is digital. each knob parameter is cv controllable. you can make some interesting melodies with this module.

for more info on the firmware you can visit this was a collaboration project between them and myself. a recent question was asked if a arpeggio module existed, to my knowledge this was the only true arpeggio that i knew of. other manufacture modules suggested were way too expensive. that is why i delivered.

model: euro-9hp cv arpeggiator, euro format compatible.

tempo knob: sets the speed of the arppeggio
range knob: sets the 1 octave to 5 octave range of the arpeggio
movement knob: controls how the note generator moves through the note set. these are the possible movements: up/down, up repeating, down repeating, pendulum, up and stay, down and stay, & random.
note knob: this selects the musical notes contained in the arpeggio. you can have root, minor 3rd, major 3rd, 5th, minor 7th, & major 7th. the major and minor is selected by switch. so when
gate legnth: this sets the legnth of the gate output of the arpeggio

time cv, range cv, movement cv, note cv, gate legnth cv, trigger arp (reset), and pitch cv.

outputs: gate, main arpeggio out.

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