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blue lantern
diode operator station
(matte black front panel)

price : $225.00

the diode operator station is an analog filter based on the steiner diode array. you patch a 'sound' module like a vco or noise generator into one of the input jacks. you then use the big knob to filter out frequencies and become a star. there is an on board vca internally connected to the final output. the vca is turned fully counter clockwise for normal operation.

this will allow sound to pass 100%. when you would like to use the module for regular mono synth action you turn the vca knob until the sound is 'closed' or gated. simply patch an envelope generator to the 'cv' input and turn up the knob. the envelope generator will open the vca. there is also an ouput line level rca jack that you can use to record straight to your daw in mono.

18hp wide
depth: less than 1.5 inches
current: +30ma and -30ma

controls: cutoff knob, rez knob, bi-polar fm knob, mixable lp, bp, hp level knobs, charm knob for wavefolder variation and a vca with cv level.

type: 12db lp,bp,hp mixable analog filter and diode wave folder.

circuits involved:
(1) analog steiner based vcf, (1) v2164 linear hi-fi vca, (1) diode based 8 stage wave folder, (1) synth level to line level converter.

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